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How to Ignore the Internet and Focus on Your Studies

By Paul N., Guest Contributor to TechAddiction

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in guest articles are solely those of the author and are not necessarily the views of TechAddiction and/or Dr. Conrad.

Everyone knows that the Internet is a powerful medium and an important part of modern life. It allows us to work more efficiently, to meet new interesting people, and of course for pure entertainment. The Internet is also an important educational tool and can be helpful for studying. When you are connected to the Internet, you can easily download books, videos or software programs that can assist you in your studies. However, when the Internet is used for other things such as social networking, online games or reading manga instead of focusing on your assignments, it can be a huge distraction and can greatly interfere with your studies.

If you try to study but feel that Internet is constantly calling you, it can be really frustrating. In order to help you become more productive in your studies, read these helpful tips that can help you avoid the Internet when you should be studying.

1. Disconnect your Internet connection.

Getting rid of the source of your distraction is the very first thing you can do. It can be difficult especially if you have become hooked to it but think about your studies. Studying is more important than anything you can do with the Internet. You can switch off your wireless, pull out the Ethernet cable or turn off your modem. There are even routers that enable you to set times for Internet usage. If you have made a study schedule, ensure that your Internet is turned off at that time.

2. Stop wasting precious time with the Internet.

This can mean something like checking your email every 10 minutes or going back to your profile every now and then to see if your status has been updated. If you must check and respond to emails, update your social networking status and do some research, do it at a specified schedule each day. You can reserve something like an hour to do all the things you have to do with the Internet. After such time, make sure that you attend to your studies and do not use the Internet for entertainment until your next scheduled time - no exceptions!

3. Make a study plan and follow it.

Make a weekly plan and set time for studying each subject. Also include in your plan your break time, which can include your time to use the Internet, watch television and eat. In creating your plan, prioritize the things that should come first and these include your schoolwork and studies. Of course, you can’t just work all week so plan smartly what you will do with your free time.

4. Study effectively.

People have different preferences for studying. There are some who prefer to study alone in a quiet room while others prefer to listen to some music, watch TV or work in a group. Find out what works best for you and follow it. In order for you to make much use of your study time, always study the needed chapters for the week. It’s a good idea to devote some time to studying each day and then go over the material again by the end of the week. This way you are going to remember it better and it will be no problem to recall it when the time comes. Never fall behind your studies. If you don’t study for a few days or weeks it will be very difficult to catch up. There’s a good proverb "Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today." If you can read in advance, do so. It would be better if you were always in front and never behind your studies. The moment you have some work to do, finish it immediately before seeing anything that can distract you such as your Internet. If you procrastinate, you would possibly forget the more important things that you should have done first.

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How big of a distraction is the Internet while studying?

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