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Children and Technology – Stats for Technology in the Home

By Dr. Brent Conrad
Clinical Psychologist for TechAddiction

Today’s children are literally surrounded by technology everywhere they go – even (especially?) at home. Smartphones, high speed internet, internet connected TVs, video game consoles, ereaders, tablets…the list grows every year.

Just how common is technology in the home? How have families and their kids embraced the explosion of technology and media devices over the past few years? In this article, TechAddiction answers these questions with reference to a recent study by Common Sense Media.

Children and Technology – The Statistics

For US households with children eight years old or younger:

  • Television adoption is almost universal - 98% have a television in the home

  • 72% of children have access to a computer at home

  • 67% of children own a video game system (24% own a portable video game system)

  • 29% of children own an educational gaming system

  • 42% of children have a television in their bedroom

  • 2% of children own a cell phone

  • 29% of children have a video player in their bedroom

  • 11% of children have a video game system in their bedroom

  • 4% of children have a computer in their bedroom

  • 10% of children live in a home in which the television is left on all the time (29% live in a home in which the TV is on “most” of the time)

  • 68% of households have cable TV

  • 80% of households have a video player

  • 68% of households have speed internet

  • 9% of households have an ereader

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Children owning cell phones? Television in their bedrooms? Open access to video games?

Do children have too much exposure to technology?

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