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Preventing Texting Behind the Wheel with Parental Control Software

By Natalia David, Guest Contributor to TechAddiction

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in guest articles are solely those of the author and are not necessarily the views of TechAddiction and/or Dr. Conrad.

A new report released by the CDC has confirmed what most parents already know: teens lose focus while driving because they’re too busy texting on their phones. If you’re one of those parents who thinks your teen only keeps his/her eyes on the road while driving you might want to think again. High school seniors approached for the government survey revealed a troubling scenario where more than half admitted to regularly texting while driving. Some parents are now resorting to parental control software to ensure that their teens aren’t busy texting while they drive.  

The real danger

The CDC report is linked directly to the fact that over 16 per cent of all deaths caused by car accidents can be blamed on distracted drivers. At present around 39 different states have put up a stop sign on texting and driving by banning it completely. Texting while driving could land your teen into the hospital or in jail. Texting is all the rage with teenagers who use it as their primary means of communication. The driving and texting problem is made worse by the fact that a large number of teens do it without giving it a second thought – it’s become part of teen culture which further leads to teens adopting it so readily.

Why you should care

Teenagers are the most at risk group of drivers. At a point where their driving habits are new, not teaching them the rights and wrongs of driving would be a terrible idea. However, it’s impossible for parents to stay in the car with their teen every single time they drive. Monitoring software for cell phones has found its way into the lives of both parents and teens as a solution. It basically gives parents the ability to track their teens while they’re driving, while simultaneously reporting what time they’re texting and who they are texting. In fact, in 2009 around 3100 teens were killed in road accidents.

Safe-driving sessions

Parents should consider putting their teens up in safe-driving classes which have helped even the most vulnerable drivers develop safer driving habits. These classes go a long way in minimizing fender benders and making teens better drivers. But even after getting through with the classes there’s still a number of teens that admit to texting behind the wheel, which is why tools such as parental control software for cell phones may be helpful.

Texting and driving simultaneously can prove fatal for anyone, teens more so because of their inexperience at driving itself. Teens do not always act in a responsible manner; they wouldn’t be teens if they did. It’s up to the parents to make sure that their teenager remains out of harm’s way, even when he/she is the one creating the risk situation.

Guest Author Bio

Natalia David, a blogger by profession, contributes towards PC and Cell Phone security, android monitoring software and parental monitoring software
. She provides tips and tricks about cell phone and computer security. If you want to know more about Natalia you can follow her on twitter @NataliaDavid4

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How much of a problem is texting while driving? What should be done about it?

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