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Leave Facebook - It's Time to Call Facebook Quits

By Jennifer Carrigan, Guest Contributor to TechAddiction

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in guest articles are solely those of the author and are not necessarily the views of TechAddiction and/or Dr. Conrad.

Facebook has had a long reign of being the most popular social network on the Internet. Until very recently, the user interface was simple and sleek. It was easy to use, and fun. Near the end of 2011, Facebook took a turn for the worst. Numerous privacy concerns popped up. Users became outraged at how information could be transmitted over the site. Facebook popularity continues to grow despite all the things that people seem to hate about the site. Is it really time to call it quits on Facebook?

Trust Issues

Millions of users have spent years developing trust with Facebook. That trust came crumbling down when countless privacy leaks popped up over the last year. A whopping 59 percent of users no longer trust Facebook to have their best interests in mind when giving the site upgrades.

More often than that, privacy settings mysteriously reset to allowing public viewing of your information. Ads can now display your name and photo to your friends, which would artificially encourage them to click the ads. Facebook has also implemented applications that show your friends what you read on the Internet. Usually those applications require permission, but the sad fact is that most users don’t know what they are doing.

There’s no doubt that Facebook has a lot of information about users, and that it is readily spread around the Internet in a dangerous manner. People suggest that Facebook can’t really be blamed. As adults using the site, we all have the choice and option to put as little or as much information there as possible.

Sleazy Sponsored Posts  

The most recent development in the Facebook world is the option for page owners to sponsor their posts. This is for business pages and personal pages. It’s long been known that only a certain percentage of friends and fans can view posts, but now they want you to pay to reach more people. If you have something passive-aggressive you want your ex-boyfriend to read on your wall, then you are out of luck. There’s a good chance he will never see it. Sponsored posts start at $10, and only go up from there.

Frustrating User Interface

Timeline has made it increasingly difficult to use the site easily. Pages don’t load properly, you are never sure what people can see and privacy is all over the place. Timeline also makes it hard to read old posts from friends. Facebook isn’t as fun when you can’t stalk your ex-best friend.

So What’s The Next Step?

Users constantly threaten to stop using Facebook. Google+ is an excellent competitor, and they offer comprehensive ways to customize who sees what in your feed. The only problem with Google+ is that change is hard. Facebook has created a deep addiction, and most of the world isn’t read to change over.

If you are genuinely committed to using a different social network, go for it. Don’t expect things to be smooth or easy. You may be lonely on other networks until your friends wake up and realize that Facebook isn’t going to get any better. Until then, we can wait it out and continue sharing embarrassing news stories about Facebook stocks dropping to ridiculous lows.


Are you ready to leave Facebook? It is no longer worth the frustration, ads, and security risks?

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