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Responsible Gambling Advice - Ten Tips For Online Gamblers

Obviously, the best approach is to not gamble at all, but if you do choose to gamble online take this advice on responsible gambling…

1. Responsible gambling involves deciding how much you are willing to lose before logging on. When you have reached this point, stop. Do not chase losses!

2. If you do happen to win, decide beforehand when you will stop. For example, perhaps you will decide to stop when you are up by 25%. You have beaten the odds and if you continue you will lose - over time this is a mathematical certainty. Combine your plan for stopping when winning with your plan for stopping when losing (which ever comes first) to avoid big loses and the development of problem gambling.

3. In addition to setting win and loss limits, also set a time limit for how long your gaming session will last (General Tip: No more than a hour even if you have not reached your win or loss limit).

4. Take regular breaks from gambling. Get up out of your chair, walk away from the computer, grab a snack, get outside, talk to a friend, etc. Give yourself a chance to clear your head and hopefully reconsider a decision to keep gambling.

5. Remind yourself that when playing against the house, games of chance are games of chance - not skill. Payouts are determined by preset odds, not discernable patterns. There is no such thing as "hot" or "cold" tables - even for online casinos.

6. Avoid online gambling if you are depressed, stressed, or are trying to avoid a negative emotion of any kind. Do not gamble to avoid your problems.

7. If you are going online to gamble in secrecy, there is a good possibility that you are developing unhealthy gambling habits. Take the Gambling Addiction Test. Do you need to develop more responsible gambling habits before it is too late?

8. Online gambling should not be your only (or even your primary) form of entertainment. Make sure to explore other interests and develop other hobbies.

9. If you are not able to practice responsible gambling online, install software on your computer to bock access to online gambling websites (ask someone else to set the password).

10. Every game you play is designed to make money for the company - not you. If you gamble, view it as a form of entertainment that you will pay for, not as a way to make money.

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