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You May Have An Online Gambling Problem If You…

How do you know if you or someone you care about has an online gambling problem or gambling in general?

Not everyone will experience the same symptoms of pathological gambling, but the list below outlines common warning signs of unhealthy gambling habits.

Obviously, the more items that apply to you, the greater the liklihood that your gambling habits are out of control and that you need to address this problem.

You may have an online gambling problem if you...

  • spend hours every day gambling online

  • are gambling more frequently and are placing larger bets than when you began

  • have debts that are the result of online gambling

  • have attempted to reduce your online gambling habits but have been unable to do so

  • lie to your family and friends about your internet gambling habits

  • often think about your next online gambling session when you are at work / school or out with family or friends

  • spend more of your time with online gambling than with your family or friends

  • ignore work or academic responsibilities in favor of internet gambling

  • are hoping for a "big win" to solve financial problems

  • ignore calls from creditors and collection agencies

  • stay up late to gamble online and are often sleep-deprived the next day

  • have lost interest in other activities you once enjoyed

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What are the signs of an online gambling problem?

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