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Submit a Guest Post, Article, or Blog to TechAddiction

Want to see your work published here at TechAddiction?

TechAddiction is now accepting guest posts / guest blogs from those who would like to have their articles appear on this site.

Of course, submitting guest posts and articles is a great way to promote your own website or business and you may include one backlink to your website.

Note that especially well written, interesting, or helpful guest articles may even be promoted on the home page of TechAddiction - quality counts!

Follow the guidelines below to submit your article:

1) The article must be your original work, not previously published online, and not a “spun” article from another source.

2) The article must be related to the content you see here at TechAddiction. Suitable topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Video game addiction

  • Internet addiction

  • Internet safety

  • Children’s use of technology

  • Use of social media (e.g., Facebook)

  • Healthy use of computers and technology

  • Parenting and technology

  • Video games and children

  • Video game violence

  • The influence of television and media

  • Pornography addiction

  • Cyber-bullying

  • Tips and suggestions related to the misuse of technology

  • Personal experiences or stories related to internet or video game addiction

  • Opinion pieces (for example, present and then comment on a news article related to one of the topics above (see this example)

As mentioned above, this list is not exhaustive. If you have an idea for an article that is not included above, simply contact us for approval before writing it.

Note that the best guest posts are often personalized and offer a unique opinion or commentary (but this is not a requirement). For example:

  • "Why I Finally Quit World of Warcraft and Why You Should Do It Too"

  • "Why I Am Purging Many of My Facebook Friends"

  • "My Reasons for Keeping Violent Video Games Away From My Child"

  • "When To Leave A Partner Who Is Addicted to Video Games"

Important: Because TechAddiction aims to help those who are addicted to video games, the internet, or computers, your article cannot be about promoting these activities.

For example, we are unable to include posts related to:

  • New computer games

  • New gaming systems or accessories

  • Game reviews

  • Video game fan commentary (e.g., posts on game characters, game design, graphics, best selling games, console wars, etc.)

  • Hardware reviews

  • Gambling

  • Pornography

  • Online gaming services

  • Buying or selling computers or computer parts / services

  • Online dating services

That is, your post cannot be seen as simply promoting or encouraging the use of video games, specific online services, etc. However, a post focused on responsible use of the internet or video games is very welcome.

If you have any doubt about the suitability of your article, please contact us before writing it!

4) Submitted articles must be at least 700 words.

5) Articles must be grammatically correct, contain appropriate punctuation and spelling,
must contain excellent English and be well argued. See this guest article for an example of the level of writing we are looking for. We really can't stress this enough - if your article contains grammatical errors or poor English it will not be published. Please (please please) do not submit a poorly constructed article just to get a link. This is not an article directory that will accept anything you write. We reject far more than we accept. Only very well written articles with excellent content will be published.

6) Submitted guest posts must not be written as a press release.

7) Guest articles must not contain self-serving or promotional content in the article title or text body.

8) Guest articles must not contain profanity.

9) Guest articles must not contain illegal content.

10) You may include one promotional backlink in the "Bio Box" section of your article. This can be a link to a blog, personal website, business, or any almost any other site. You can also include two backlinks to non-promotional sites in the main body of your article (for example, relevant links to support your arguments or conclusions).

However, the links cannot be to sites focused on:

  • Pornography

  • Buying, selling, or playing video games

  • Buying or selling computers or computer parts / services

  • Gambling

  • Sites promoting illegal activities

  • Sites containing malware or containing questionable SEO practices

That’s it.

It sounds like a lot, but it is actually quite easy to get your article published if you write well and follow the simple guidelines above. Note that articles must still be approved after submission and may be rejected if the conditions above are not met.

Use the form below to submit your article. Make sure to include:

1. Author Name: The name you would like included in the article

2. Title: The title of your article.

3. Article Body: The main text of your guest post.

4. Links: If desired, use the following HTML code in the body of your article for non-promotional links to support your arguements:

<a href="">Your Anchor Text Here</a>

5. Author Bio: A short description of you for our readers. This is where you can insert one link to promote your website if desired (use the same HTML code as above).

6. Keywords: Up to 10 keywords describing your guest post.

7. Description: Up to 156 characters (including spaces) describing your article.

8. Email Address: Only for us to update you on the status of your submission. Your email address will not be published, shared, or spammed.

After you submit your guest post, you will be redirected back to the TechAddiction homepage and will immediately receive a confirmation email.

After we have reviewed your submission, you will be notified via email if it has been accepted, accepted with revisions, or rejected.

NOTE: Due to recent (read: constant, unpredictable, and impossible to keep up with) changes at Google regarding backlinks, we are not accepting new guest articles - sorry about this.

Also, seriously consider switching to Bing - competition is good for everyone and an all-powerful Google monopoly is good for no one...except Google.

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