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Turn off your computer when not in use -  Internet Addiction Tips

This is perhaps one of the simpler tips for dealing with excessive internet, gaming, or computer use.

Many people, especially those who are addicted to the internet or online games, keep their computers on all the time. In addition to being a waste of energy (at least several hundred dollars per year compared to having it on only when in use), an instantly accessible computer is an obvious temptation to go online or play games.

In the same way that people who are trying to lose weight will sometimes store unhealthy, high-calorie food in hard to reach places (e.g., on a high shelf, at the back of the refrigerator), shutting down your computer when you are not using it will make future online or gaming session less tempting.

The additional task of having to boot up may not seem like much of deterrent, but every strategy you put in place to reduce temptation will help you regain control over the addiction.

Obviously, this tip alone is unlikely to be enough to break the pattern of excessive use. However, if you combine simple strategies like this with other methods of reducing online or gaming time (for example as described in The Internet, Computer, and Videogame Addiction Workbook available here.), your recovery is definitely moving in the right direction.

Good luck and healthy gaming and computer use!

PS: There is much more to overcoming video game or internet addiction than just this one tip. Visit the Information Centre for dozens of articles on computer and video game addiction.

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