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The Facebook Addiction Test

By Dr. Brent Conrad
Clinical Psychologist for TechAddiction

"I am addicted to Facebook" is something that you have probably heard someone say - perhaps even while on Facebook.

Although Facebook Addiction is definitely not a formal clinical diagnosis, it is fair to say that many people spend far too much time on Facebook and may at the very least describe themselves as being "obsessed", if not addicted.

How do you know if you are addicted to Facebook?

What are the symptoms and signs of Facebook Addiction?

Use The Facebook Addiction Test below to assess whether you are spending too much time on Facebook and whether you would benefit from changing some of your online habits.

Note that the questions in The Facebook Addiction Test and the symptoms described should only be used as a rough assessment of your Facebook habits, and not as a formal diagnosis.

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The Facebook Addiction Test -
Symptoms of Facebook Addiction

1. I often spend too much time on Facebook - usually more than I originally intend.

2. I am often tired in the morning because I stay up late on Facebook.

3. My friends or family have commented that I spend too much time on Facebook.

4. I spend more than two hours per day on Facebook for non-work related reasons.

5. I often use Facebook at work or school even though this is not permitted.

6. I would find it very difficult if I could not access my Facebook account for an entire day.

7. I have made an effort to collect as many "friends" as possible on Facebook.

8. Many of my Facebook friends are not really my friends offline.

9. My work or school performance has suffered due to too much Facebook use.

10. My relationships have suffered due to too much Facebook use.

11. I often spend hours at a time playing games on Facebook.

12. When I post an update on Facebook, I am very disappointed if no one comments on it.

13. I usually prefer talking to people on Facebook than in person.

14. I have attempted to reduce the amount of time I spend on Facebook but have not been successful.

15. I spend more time using Facebook compared to any other online activity.

16. I often use Facebook to avoid other responsibilities (e.g., work, homework, housework, etc.).

17. Since starting to use Facebook I spend less time doing other activities I used to enjoy (e.g., sports, exercise, socializing with others, hobbies, etc.).

18. Even though I have many Facebook friends, I still feel lonely.

19. I often login to Facebook when I am out socially with others.

20. Checking my Facebook account is one of the first things I do in the morning.

21. Checking my Facebook account is one of the last things I do at night.

22. I use Facebook when I am feeling stressed or depressed to make me feel better.

23. I am often late for school, work, meetings, or appointments because of my Facebook use.

24. I would get very upset if a friend did not "add" me to Facebook.

25. I have set my Facebook account so that I get always automatic notifications about what my friends are doing / saying.

26. It makes me feel bad if I know that someone has more Facebook friends than I do.

27. I think it would be virtually impossible for me to give up Facebook for an entire month.

28. I often confuse what someone has told me "in real life" and what was said on Facebook.

29. I often use Facebook when I am bored because I have nothing else to do.

Total your "TRUES" and see below for score interpretation.


Of the 29 items above, how many did you answer as "True"?

While there is no set number that indicates "Facebook Addiction", obviously the more often you agreed with the above signs of overuse, the more likely it is that your Facebook habits are excessive or unhealthy.

0 - 5:
You are most likely a light user of Facebook - you can take it or leave it and it probably does not cause any significant problems in your life.

6 - 10:
Facebook is a part of your daily routine. At times you may spend too much time with it and may regret long Facebook sessions after you finally log off.

11 - 20:
Your use of Facebook may be unhealthy or obsessive.  Too much time on Facebook may be causing or contributing to "real life" problems and you may use it to avoid other important responsibilities.

Your life revolves around Facebook. You would find it very difficult to go more than a day or two without checking your account. Your relationships and your school or work performance are probably suffering due to excessive Facebook use. You would greatly benefit from learning why Facebook is addictive, reducing your Facebook time, and learning about tips and advice for Facebook Addiction.

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Facebook is a great way to share information and can be quite enjoyable and harmless when used in moderation, hence we ultimately decided to include a "Like" button...sound reasonable?


The Facebook Addiction Test - What was your score?

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