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The Internet - Another World or Addiction?

By Andrew Goodman, Guest Contributor to TechAddiction

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in guest articles are solely those of the author and are not necessarily the views of TechAddiction and/or Dr. Conrad.

The internet is an invention that provides users with endless access to a number of different activities. People who go on the internet have access to vital information on a broad range of topics, have the ability to stay connected to friends and family, can go shopping, play games, and much more. For many individuals the internet is simply a tool that helps make life easier on various levels. It is also a place where people can escape the realities of their lives, combat stress, loneliness, anxiety, or newfound medical conditions that limit their ability to get out as they once did.

For most people the internet is another world. It is another world in the respect that it is a place where they can go to escape the realities of their lives, or use it as the tool it was intended to be for most people. There are internet users who know when they go on the internet they are going on for a specific purpose. Many internet users access the World Wide Web for the main objective of keeping in touch with friends or family via email or social media. Others access the web for work or school related purposes. People that use the internet for these purposes know why they are going on the web and do not spend an excessive amount of time on their computer, laptop, or tablet.

In the world of internet users, however, there are those whose use of the internet has the characteristics of anyone with an addiction. Addiction to the internet, is that even possible? The answer is simple; yes, it is quite possible for people of all ages and walks of life to get addicted to internet usage. People, who are lonely, depressed, or shut in with the inability to get out of the house can turn to the internet for social interaction, or fun and games. What may initially start as a means to occupy some of their time, can turn into an obsession to take part in some type of activity online.

The internet, though it is filled with valuable tools, can become something a person becomes addicted to without realizing that has happened. A teenager may turn to the internet and social media sites to make friends that they find difficult to make in real life away from the computer. Others, adults and teenagers alike, may find themselves obsessed with online games, and in some cases, adults will be pulled into a life of online sexual activity or the viewing of sexual material. If it becomes apparent, that someone in your life has retreated from reality to spend time on the net, there are means to monitor the behavior to see if they are doing something that is unhealthy. There is software in place where you can monitor someone’s online or even his or her cell phone usage to discover what they are doing.

The internet can be an invaluable tool for many people, but if not carefully monitored, it can turn into an addiction that will blur the lines between real life and the online world, which is perceived as a reality.

Guest Author Bio

Andrew Goodman works for the company that investigates the world IT market. He majors in smartphones and applications for them, researches the brand-new software for all types of cell phones, including Android, Blackberry, and iPhone devices. Now he is concentrated on exploring the sphere of tracking applications that are used to protect children from online dangers, and in case of employers – to protect the top-secret information of their companies.

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Is it possible to become addicted to the Internet?

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