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Porn Addiction Stats - Pornography Addiction Statistics,
Percentages, Numbers, & Info

Internet Pornography Addiction and Online Sex Addiction are not official diagnoses in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

However, there is no question that overuse or misuse of pornography is a real problem for some individuals - both men and women alike.

Lacking official criteria, for now, whether someone is addicted to porn is somewhat of a judgment call. This makes providing exact statistics on pornography addiction a bit challenging.

For practical purposes, someone may be considered to have a problem with pornography if he/she spends an excessive amount of time viewing, collecting, and/or downloading porn - and it has a significant negative impact on other areas of his or her life (for example, work, school, health, and/or interpersonal relationships).  

VIDEO: How do you know if you are addicted to pornography?

Porn Addiction Statistics

A closer look at a few porn addiction stats reveals some very interesting numbers and findings. For the answers to these questions about online pornography addiction, simply open the infographic Porn Addiction Statistics to the right (when the new window opens, click again to enlarge if necessary).

  • What percent of internet websites are pornographic?

  • How many Americans regularly view online porn?

  • Who views porn more often - men or women?

  • What percentage of young men view porn sites each month?

  • How much money does the porn industry make each year?

  • What percent of all emails are pornographic?

  • What percent of all internet downloads are porn-related?

  • What are the top three pornographic search terms?

  • What percentage of internet users are exposed to unwanted pornographic ads?

  • How many searches for "child pornography" are there every day?

  • At what age do people first see online porn?

  • What percentage of men admit to watching porn at work?

  • What is the most popular day of the year for viewing pornography?

  • What is the most popular day of the week for accessing online porn?

Porn addiction statistics

Even More Online Pornography Addiction Stats

For the answers to the following questions, open the second Pornography Addiction Stats infographic to the right (
when the new window opens, click again to enlarge if necessary).

  • What percentage of porn websites are produced in the United States?

  • What percentage of all internet users view online pornography?

  • What word is the most popular internet search term?

  • How many web searches for porn are made each day?

  • What percentage of web searches are for pornography?

  • Worldwide, how many emails related to porn are sent each day?

  • How many pornographic emails does the average person receive each day?

  • What percentage of women say that they are addicted to porn?

  • How many Americans spend more than eleven hours per week viewing online pornography?

  • What percentage of sex addicts ultimately lose their spouses?

  • Is depression associated with online pornography use?

pornography addiction stats

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Porn Addiction - Is it a real problem?

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