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Internet and Video Game Addiction Support

The video game and online addiction message board is a place where users can meet, support, and learn from other members who are struggling with an online or gaming addiction.

Current message boards include:

Video Game Addiction Support: A discussion of video game addiction and advice for overcoming it.

Internet Addiction Support: Discussion of internet addiction and suggestions for more moderate use.

Parents' Support: Discussion for parents with children who may be addicted to video games or the internet.

Spouse / Partner Support: Discussion for those who are dealing with a spouse or partner who spends excessive time online or playing video games.

Advice and Tips: Strategies that others have found useful in overcoming video game or internet addiction.

Resource Suggestions: Additional recovery resources (links, books, etc.).

An online forum for online addiction?

Before you head over to the forum, one issue needs to be addressed up front…

The irony of offering an online message board for people trying to reduce their online time is not lost on TechAddiction. Some may wonder if this is not comparable to having A.A. meetings at a bar. While this point is well taken, it also believed that an online support forum for internet and video game addiction can be a helpful resource for those in recovery. A few reasons why:

  • In-person support groups for internet addiction or video game addiction are extremely rare (if they even exist).

  • Regardless of the particular addiction, being able to talk, share stories, and receive support from others who are struggling with an addiction is a very helpful tool for recovery.

  • The goal for most online or video game addicts is reduced and responsible use – not abstinence. Sharing the story of your struggles is a far more productive online activity than, for example, another hour with an online role playing game or FPS. It is unreasonable (and virtually impossible) to completely avoid computer or internet use. However, it is very possible to develop healthier patterns of use.

  • Through discussions with forum members, users have the opportunity to learn tips and strategies that have worked for others.

  • Most people dealing with an addiction (including those addicted to the internet or video games) do not ask for support in the “real world”. Online support forums and message boards may be more appealing as they feel safer, more private, and easier to access.

  • Being part of a community and sharing your goals and progress with others is an excellent way to stay motivated during difficult times, and to be rewarded for your successes.

Visit the Video Game Addiction and Internet Addiction Support Forum

Take the next step in your recovery and visit the Video Game Addiction & Internet Addiction Support Forum.

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