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Video Game Addiction Articles - Internet Addiction Articles

As a recognized authority on video game and internet addiction, Dr. Brent Conrad has been interviewed by dozens of media outlets, journalists, and reporters in the past few years.

TechAddiction has been featured on national and international television news reports, in psychology and parenting magazines, in video game and technology magazines, in traditional newspapers, and of course in online articles on internet and video game addiction.

Below, you can view a selection of video game addiction articles and internet addiction articles that have interviewed or featured TechAddiction.    

Selected Interviews and Articles: Video Game & Internet Addiction

Dr. Conrad's article in Exploring Teens Magazine
Computer Game Addiction - Issues 1, September, 2014

Dr. Conrad's interview with The Canadian Safety Council:
Technology addiction - a growing problem?

TechAddiction's interview with Canadian Business Magazine:
Do you have a tweeting disorder?

TechAddiction's interview with the National Association of Student Councils:

Screen Time

TechAddiction's interview with
Gambling On Video Games Is The Evolution Of Sports Betting

TechAddiction's interview with
Adverse Interaction

TechAddiction's interview with The Commoner:
Gamer Widows Find Help, Support Online

TechAddiction's interview with The Canadian Press:
Program for young internet addicts finds the demand for help growing

TechAddiction's interview with The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:
Video Game Addiction: Does it Exist?

TechAddiction's interview with the Vancouver Sun:
Teens And Screens: An Addictive Combination

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