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The Computer, Internet and Video Game Addiction Book
Now Available for Download...

TechAddiction is proud to offer a new self-help book for internet addiction, computer addiction (e.g., World of Warcraft) and video game addiction treatment. Assess the extent of your difficulties, develop realistic goals for improvement, and learn dozens of specific tips and strategies to regain control over your life.

This program for internet and video game addiction treatment was developed by TechAddiction and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Brent Conrad who specializes in helping those who have developed unhealthy and excessive "tech" habits - otherwise known as addictions to computers, the internet, or video games.  

video game addiction treatment

  • Are you spending hours online everyday?

  • Do others complain about how much time you spend on the internet?

  • Are late night gaming sessions causing you to be tired the next day?

  • Is your computer use leading to poor school or work performance?

  • Do you spend less time with your family and friends because of the internet or video games?

  • Do you feel guilty, frustrated, or embarrassed by how much of your time goes to computers or video games?

  • Do you regret the amount of time you spend on a specific MMORPG such as World of Warcraft?

If so, you need to ask yourself if this is really the life you want to be living. Are you willing to potentially sacrifice your relationships, your education, your health, and/or your career so that you can continue your current pattern of use? The Computer, Internet, and Video Game Addiction Treatment Book was designed for the thousands of people who are ready to develop healthier online behaviors and video game habits.

The Computer, Internet, and Video Game Addiction Treatment Book is now available for instant download. Could it be helpful for you or someone you know? Read the FAQ below to find out.

Who is The Computer, Internet, and Video Game Addiction Treatment Book intended for?

The book is intended for adults and older adolescents (17+) who are struggling with excessive internet use, computer games, or video game habits.  Ideally, this program for internet and video game addiction treatment is intended for someone who recognizes that he/she has a problem and has decided to do something about it. It is also useful for individuals who wish to assess how much their computer or gaming habits are interfering with their life in the real world (work, school, health, mood, relationships, etc.). Those with children or teens addicted to video games may be interested in TechAddiction's other book How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games - A Guide for Parents.

Is The Computer, Internet, and Video Game Addiction Treatment Book useful for students?

Yes, the book is suitable for senior students in high school and is also appropriate for university students. In fact, much of the content was originally developed while working with university and college students – a group that may be at an increased risk for excessive internet and video game use. This unique book for internet and video game addiction treatment is now being used at university counseling centers across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

How does this workbook differ from traditional books written about internet or video game addiction?

Although there are now several books with information about online addiction, there are very few workbook-style programs available for someone who hopes to overcome excessive computer, internet, or video game habits. The internet and video game treatment workbook is focused on quickly identifying your specific difficulties and actively doing something about it (not simply reading about the history of the internet or the hundreds of academic research articles on video games).

Furthermore, because technology changes so rapidly, traditionally published books become out of date very quickly. For example, in many books it is common to see references to outdated online models (e.g., per hour charges for online time, dial-up internet, etc.), services that are rarely used today (e.g., Usenet, Netscape, etc.), and extremely outdated games (e.g., Solitaire, Doom, etc.). In contrast, The Computer, Internet, and Video Game Addiction Treatment Book is always up to date. In fact, it is typically updated several times per year as new programs become popular, new research findings surface, and new internet and video game addiction treatment strategies are added.

Why did TechAddiction create this book?

1) There are very few resources available for internet and video game addiction treatment.

2) Providing the book as an instant download allows it to be updated regularly and sold at a very affordable price.

3) Many people do not have the financial resources (or the desire) to see a Psychologist for ongoing therapy.

4) To hopefully provide helpful information to anyone with access to the internet - regardless of the city, state, or country they happen to live in.

What is the "style" and theoretical orientation of the book?

The treatment book is based on current research in the field of internet / video game addiction and one-to-one work with clients who are dealing with these issues. It has a cognitive-behavioral approach and requires active participation from the user. You will not simply read the information, but rather, challenge the thoughts that lead to the addiction and modify the behaviors that are maintaining it. The goal of treatment is healthy and moderate use, not complete abstinence.

What is the tone of the book? Am I "sick" for having this problem?

The tone is honest and straightforward and not at all judgmental. You are not "sick" for losing control over your computer or video game use. The fact that you have recognized the need to address this is a sign of health and clarity of thought, not one of illness. While reading the treatment book and completing the exercises you should feel motivated and optimistic about your recovery.

What are the main topics in The Computer, Internet, and Video Game Addiction Treatment Book?

The book has four main sections:

1) Assessment and Evaluation - Recognize the extent of your difficulties

2) Setting Goals - Create clear and realistic goals to work towards

3) Developing Healthier Habits - Learn tips and strategies to achieve your goals

4) Additional Worksheets - Forms and exercises to use in your recovery

Can I use the book if I am already in therapy or counselling?

Yes. You can follow the program for internet and video game addiction treatment even if you are already seeing a Psychologist or counsellor. You and your therapist may wish discuss certain sections in your regular therapy sessions.

How much does The Computer, Internet, and Video Game Addiction Treatment Book cost?

The book is currently
on sale for $15 US (normally $24.99) for the instant download.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Payment is accepted though PayPal for your security. Even if you do not have an account you can still use your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express for the PayPal service. By using PayPal you can be assured that sensitive financial details like your credit card or bank account numbers are completely secure. The payment will appear on your credit card statement as TECHAD.

I am ready to regain control of my life - How can I order the book?

1) Get started by clicking the "Buy Now" button below and you will be directed to the secure PayPal checkout.

2) Important: After you have completed the payment, make sure to click on the "Return to..." button.


3) You will then be able to instantly download The Computer, Internet, and Video Game Addiction Treatment Book in PDF format (suitable for computers, tablets, and printing) and ePub format (suitable for eReaders) and regain control of your life.


The files are approximately 1.5 mb.

Make sure to either print or save the files when they have finished downloading.

If you have any difficulty with your download, simply email TechAddiction for prompt assistance.

Thank you for your interest in the Computer, Internet, & Video Game Addiction Workbook. You have my sincerest wishes for a healthier online and gaming future!

Dr. Brent Conrad,
Clinical Psychologist

Click the "Buy Now" button below to begin your recovery and to quickly and effectively regain control of your online or video game habits.

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