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Addiction To Computer Games - You Can Help Your Child

(Note: If you are an adult and want to stop your own computer game addiction you can instantly download The Internet, Computer, and Video Game Addiction Workbook).

Kids Addicted to Computer Games - Just a Harmless Phase?

Your child's addiction to computer games can no longer continue. You hoped that this obsession with computer games would be a temporary phase - something that he would "grow out of".

When your child first started playing computer games you probably assumed that this was just harmless fun that would be an enjoyable activity for your child. After all, most children and teens play computer games in some capacity. But unfortunately, moderation was not possible for your child.

You were caught by surprise by how quickly your child retreated into the virtual world. You watched as he became less and less engaged with his friends and family. You started to worry as his grades no longer reflected his ability, but rather, the extent of his addiction. Looking back on how the addiction to computer games gained access into your home and took over your child, you may be feeling guilty, angry, embarrassed, lost, stressed, and / or depressed by the perceived hopelessness of the situation.

VIDEO: How serious is video game addiction for kids and what are the consequences if it is not stopped?

Stop Computer Game Addiction Before It Gets Worse

You fear that if something is not done now his addiction to computer games will become even worse. How much longer can your child and your family suffer? You fear that your child does not recognize the seriousness of this problem and are very worried that his future will be permanently compromised by the damage this computer game addiction is now causing.

You refuse to let this happen.

You have tried in the past to eliminate this destructive presence from your home, but unfortunately, this was unsuccessful.

Letting the addiction have control over your child is no longer an option.

It has to end here.

You are prepared to seriously fight the addiction and win the war this time. You are prepared to take steps that will be very difficult (whether it involves strict moderation or banning all computer games) if it means that your child is no longer addicted to video games.

You are preparing to intervene on behalf of your child because you can no longer allow this computer game addiction to control his life, hurt your family, and determine his future…

Take the next step in stopping your child's addiction to computer games right now.

addiction of computer games - children

The groundbreaking book How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games - A Guide for Parents is an instantly downloadable, step-by-step manual packed with dozens and dozens of specific strategies and interventions by Dr. Brent Conrad to help you finally stop computer game addiction and regain the child you thought you had lost. Plus, receive free email support when you download the book today!

Addiction of computer games - adult

Adults ready to stop their own computer game addiction can download Dr. Conrad's treatment book The Internet, Computer, and Video Game Addiction Workbook.

Addiction to Computer Games - Recovery is Possible.

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