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How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games: A Guide for Parents

TechAddiction is very proud to offer the most practical, straightforward, comprehensive, up-to-date, and useful book available anywhere (online or in paperback form) for helping children or teens overcome video game addiction.

If your child is addicted to video games or if you work with children addicted to video games, this step-by-step book for helping kids or teenagers addicted to computer games is available right now as an instant download.

children addicted to video games

About the book…

How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games - A Guide for Parents was developed for TechAddiction by Dr. Brent Conrad, a clinical psychologist who specializes in treating adults, teens, and children who are obsessed with video games. The techniques, strategies, and tips contained in this book are identical to those successfully used by Dr. Conrad when working with the parents of children who are addicted to computer gaming.

The approaches and interventions are based on empirically validated psychological techniques, leading-edge research on the treatment of video game addictions in children, and perhaps most importantly, years of effective work with the parents of addicted kids. The goal of the book is to give you specific advice with detailed instructions so that you know exactly what to say and what to do to help your child overcome an addiction to video games.

In this book, Dr. Conrad provides an honest, direct, step-by-step approach so that parents have all of the information they need to assess the severity of their child's video game addiction and then, take clear, decisive actions to finally eliminate the video game addiction from their lives. Many of the strategies and suggestions can not be found anywhere else (online or in printed form) and until now, have only been available to Dr. Conrad's clients.

This book puts all of this information in your hands.

After reading it you should feel far more knowledgeable about how to help your child, motivated to take action, and confident that you can finally make the necessary changes to eliminate his or her unhealthy video game habits.

The story of why this book was written…

Every day I get email from parents desperate to find help for children and teens addicted to computer games. The messages literally come from every continent on earth - this is not an isolated problem. The parents have tried to set limits on how long their children spend playing online games, but for one reason or another, nothing has worked. They often are frustrated, stressed, scared, angry, and/or depressed. They have no energy left and they just want to give up.

They feel like they have completely lost control of their children and that their situation is hopeless.

It isn't.

Children addicted to online video games can recover with appropriate help, support, and interventions from parents. I have seen it many times…I know it can happen.  

I personally respond to every email I get from parents and will continue to do so. While I cannot offer online therapy, I try to offer appropriate general advice and direct them to suitable resources when possible.  

I have always wanted to recommend a helpful book to these parents who took the time to write to me and were desperate for any assistance I could provide. As such, I have read just about every book (printed and eBook) written for parents with children addicted to video games.

Unfortunately, I have not found a resource that offers clear, comprehensive advice and practical tips and suggestions for helping kids and teens overcome video game addiction.

How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games - A Guide for Parents
was written to fill this void. My goal was simple - to write the most helpful workbook available anywhere for kids and teens who play video games far too much. I truly hope that any parent who is suffering through a child's video game addiction will find the information and suggestions contained in the book helpful.

How does this book differ from other books on kids and teens with out of control video game habits?

I set out to write a book that was different (hopefully in good way) from anything else available on this topic.


  • Instead of a 30 - 40 page eBook (the length of most of those available online), How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games - A Guide for Parents is over 200 pages of completely original content and essential information on how to win the battle with video game addiction.

  • Compared to books in printed form (and many eBooks as well), this step-by-step treatment guide is always up to date and is revised several times per year with new interventions, advice, and techniques. Given the pace at which technology advances, do not be surprised if you find other books referring to very outdated games and technology like Doom, "muds", Netscape, AOL, ICQ, and pay-per-minute dial-up internet access.

child video game addiction

  • How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games - A Guide for Parents is focused on assessing your situation and actually doing something about it. This is not a book on the history of video games, the neurochemical responses to violent video games, or obscure theories of child psychology. If you are looking for this, there are other books out there on these topics. If your kid is addicted to video games…very simply, this book tells you how to do something about it.

  • Compared to books offering only a handful of brief, rather unhelpful  tips (such as "Ask him to read a book instead of playing video games") How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games - A Guide for Parents is packed with dozens and dozens of detailed strategies to help a child or adolescent overcome video game addiction.

  • To my knowledge, this is the only workbook-style manual for parents of children and teens who are obsessed with computer gaming. The guide not only contains information and advice on helping addicted children, but also has many exercises to clarify problem areas, motivate you when challenges arise, and plan interventions that are suitable for your particular situation.

Who can use this book?

How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games - A Guide for Parents is primarily for parents of kids and teenagers who have unhealthy video game habits. However, the manual is suitable for anyone who may be in a position to help children or teens develop healthier gaming habits. For example, the book is currently being used by psychologists, social workers, school counsellors, family physicians, and various community agencies.

How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games
was used by the
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health while developing the upcoming treatment manual for Soul Crush Story: A Resource to Help Raise Awareness of Healthy and Harmful Video Gaming.

Who is this book suitable for?

How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games - A Guide for Parents is appropriate for those 5 - 20 years old living at home and who are addicted to video games (or play too much). Older adolescents (18+) who acknowledge a problem with video game addiction may be interested in The Computer, Internet, and Video Game Addiction Workbook.

Is there a hard copy / paperback version available?

For now, the only place way to access the dozens and dozens of tips, tricks, strategies, and techniques is with the direct digital download right here at TechAddiction.

What will I learn in this book?

A small (!) sample of what you will learn includes:

  • The critical technique that you will use throughout your video game addiction intervention…and will continue to use for other behavioral problems you will deal with in the future

  • The three golden rules that must be followed for any video game addiction intervention with a child to succeed

  • How to communicate your requests with precision and authority so that your child will listen to and respect you

  • Clear guidelines for maximum daily and weekly gaming limits for teens and children

  • The five-week gradual reduction technique that is recommended to ease the transition to healthier play

  • How to use a "two for one" rule to quickly get your child to stop playing video games when you say so

  • The common mistakes made by parents that allow a child's video game addiction to persist

  • A change that you can make that will be very unpopular with your child, but will greatly increase his / her chance for recovery

  • What to do when your child has more technical knowledge than you do

  • How to use hardware and software solutions to prevent access to video games and limit playing time (specific programs are described in detail)

  • The controversial, but potentially effective way to gain access to a gaming account and monitor gaming activities even when you are not present

  • The strategy to increase the probability that when your child says he is doing his homework…he is actually doing his homework

  • How to defend rules for video games and the specific phrase to repeat until your child accepts that your rules are permanent

children addicted to video games

  • Samples of dialogues from parents and kids with detailed analyses on key points so that you know exactly how to address the problem of video game addiction

  • Extensive advice on working with a psychologist including…when you should contact one, the key qualities to look for, the specific questions you need to ask before booking an appointment, what to do if you do not agree with the treatment approach, and the clear signs that you should look for a different mental health professional to help your child

  • What to do when your spouse or partner does not think that your child's video game habits are problematic (specific dialogue on exactly what to say is provided and analyzed in detail)

  • The most effective way to reward cooperation for following your rules (including what you should never offer as a reward) and how to set appropriate punishments for rule violations

  • How to tell your child that new rules for video games are coming and the specific points you need to make during "the talk" (including common mistakes that must be avoided)

  • Bad advice about video game addiction from well-intentioned individuals about that you should probably ignore

  • Surprising advice that goes against conventional "pop-psychology" (for example, your child does not need to admit that he is addicted to video games for recovery to occur…learn why this is and how to use it to your advantage)

  • How the "buffer-effect" works to trick parents into believing that excessive gaming is not affecting school grades

  • Why you should not reward good grades in school with an increase in allowable gaming time and what you should do instead

  • How to decide if moderation is possible, or if a video game ban is needed

  • How to deal with the very challenging problem of video game addiction on mobile devices. Plus, a list of personally recommended apps for iOS and Android devices that can place limits on gaming time, block games if necessary, monitor usage, and much more. When play is primarily on a phone or tablet these strategies can really help parents win the battle against video game addiction.  

  • How to effectively use "reality breaks" for children who are addicted to computer games to interrupt the gaming trance and increase cooperation

  • How to strategically use three different types of video game bans to encourage healthier habits

  • What to expect when video games are banned and how to stay firm when the symptoms of withdrawal fight back

  • The surprising recommendation on whether or not you should use the term "video game addiction" with your child

  • Why some video games are far more addictive than others and which types of games to keep out of your home

  • Behaviors from parents that actually strengthen video game addictions in children (make sure to avoid these common pitfalls)


child addicted to ipadAs a special "Thank You" for your interest in this book, you will also receive the bonus report "How to Protect Children Online" absolutely free.

teen addicted to gaming

Without the right information and proper safety measures, the online world can be a very dangerous place for children and teens. Make sure that your child does not become a victim.

This report covers:

  • The telling signs that your child may be at risk online

  • How to reduce the chance that your child will become a victim

  • Exactly what you need to do if your son or daughter is involved with an online predator

  • A kid-friendly online safety tip sheet to review with your child

  • An online safety contract for families to promote open communication with your child

  • Information on software tools that will help keep your children safe online

  • Additional information such as the devious method predators use to get your child's address and an image of your house

What can I do if I have questions about the techniques covered in How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games?

Simply send me an email and I will personally answer any question you may have about the suggestions or strategies contained in the treatment book. If you have questions as you set up your plan I am more than happy to provide clarification if you need it. There is absolutely no additional charge for this consultation and it is service that is not available anywhere else.

How much does the book cost?

Sale - final days!

video game addiction help child

For a limited time, the full treatment package including How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games, the bonus report, and one-to-one access to Dr. Conrad via email is on sale for just $25 US (a huge 38% discount compared to the regular $39.99 price).

If you require a licence to print multiple copies for your organization or business, use the pull-down menu below for additional discounted rates.

I am confident that this is the most comprehensive, practical, and helpful book you can find on helping a child or teen addicted to video games.

Therefore, TechAddiction is also running the following promotion:

After downloading the book, take a few days to look it over and if you do not believe that the information, exercises, tips, strategies, and techniques are useful, simply send an email and you will be refunded 100% of your payment - no questions asked. And…you can keep the book for free!

book child video game addictionWhy make this no risk, nothing-to-lose offer?

It is quite simple really. If you have a child who is addicted to video games I know how difficult this can be and the consequences that can result if it is not properly addressed. I want you to have this information in your hands so that you can start helping him or her as soon as possible.

If you do not find it helpful, I do not want you to pay for it and will refund every cent of your purchase (Translation: You can have this book absolutely free if you choose to).
What licenses are available?

  • Single User License - A single copy your own personal use.

  • Small Business License - Print up to 10 copies for use in your small business (e.g. private practice psychology clinic, counselling centre, physician's office, etc.).

  • Organizational License - Print unlimited copies for distribution within your immediate organization. For example, the Organizational License is appropriate for a hospital that wishes to offer free printed copies of the manual to families, a busy community service that provides copies to clientele, a school that would like to provide a copy to every parent at the start of the school year or when needed, etc.

Note that the Small Business and Organizational licenses allow for the distribution of printed copies, not digital copies.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Payment is accepted though PayPal for your security. You do not need to have a PayPal account and you can still use your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express for the PayPal service. By using PayPal you can be assured that sensitive financial details like your credit card or bank account numbers are completely secure. The payment will appear on your credit card statement as TECAD EBOOK.

I am ready to help my do I order the book?

1) Click on the "Buy Now" button below and you will be directed to the secure PayPal checkout.

2) Important: After you have completed the payment, make sure to click on the "Return to ..." button.


3) You will then be able to instantly download How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games - A Guide for Parents and the bonus report How to Keep Children Safe Online in PDF (for computers, tablets, or printing) and EPub format (for eReaders) and start learning exactly how to plan your child's recovery.


The files are approximately 4 MB in total.

Make sure to either print or save the files when they have finished downloading.

If you have any difficulty with your download, simply email TechAddiction for prompt assistance.

how to help children addicted to video games

Thank you for your interest in this book. You have my sincere wishes for your child's quick recovery.

Dr. Brent Conrad,
Clinical Psychologist

This is one of the best deals we have ever had at TechAddiction, but the offer will be ending soon.

For the complete treatment package which includes...

  • how to get son to stop playing video gamesHow to Help Children Addicted to Video Games (currently on sale) - The best-selling #1 resource book to help you eliminate video game addiction from your child's life (100% fully refundable if you are not satisfied, plus keep the book for free)

  • teen video game addictionThe bonus report on online safety (FREE)

  • help for video game addictionUnlimited direct personal access to video game addiction specialist Dr. Brent Conrad via email (FREE) the "Buy Now" button below to get started

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